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You Give Them Something to Eat

“Don’t worry about money,” He told them. “Don’t take anything with you. Just stay with whoever will welcome you and tell everyone they need to repent.”

That’s my paraphrase, of course, but that’s essentially what Mark 6 says. The twelve disciples went out two by two and preached repentance to all who would listen. They healed the sick. Cast out demons. They were very busy, and perhaps surprising even themselves, quite effective.

When they returned, Mark says they told Jesus “all that they had done and taught” (6:30). Probably talked nonstop, between the twelve of them. After hearing their reports, Jesus invited them to come to a quiet place and rest – they had to be so tired. So deeply craving rest and peace. They followed Him, ready for a time of quiet.

But the crowds followed Him, too.

Jesus saw them coming, and met them where they were. Patiently He spoke to them again, explaining the ways of God for hours.

All while His tired disciples waited in the Middle Eastern sun.

We Get Tired, Too

No matter how we fill our days, we usually fill them. Between a job or school, kids or parents or roommates, church responsibilities, volunteer work, and whatever else we last agreed to, we often have more good things on our to-do lists than we know how to handle. Our time is usually spoken for and rest is hard to find.

And oh, how we need it.

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