About Lauren

Hi there! I’m Lauren. I’m a daughter, sister, homeschool grad, and toddler teacher at a local Christian daycare. I love a good book (and reading on rainy summer days!), time with family and friends, and anything with chocolate chip cookie dough. Oh, and clouds. I love watching the clouds.

I don’t write because I have life figured out, or because I have answers for everything. Neither could be further from the truth. But as I go about each day, living and learning and falling and failing, God is teaching me more about Him and the abundant life He gives to all who will receive it. I write to capture that. To remember what I learned yesterday so maybe I won’t forget it tomorrow. To think through how eternal truth impacts this moment in time. To see the overpowering grace of God and how it permeates each of our lives in all the same detail as it colors every page of our Bibles. To hear from fellow travelers – from you – as we walk and learn together.

All our individual stories are sign posts, blending into the story God is writing and pointing to Him. And He walks with us, too. Immanuel. Leading us to our eternal home with all its glory, fullness, life, and richness. Beyond the clouds.

we are not yet where we will be